i had just read adi's post, then gary's. and looking into the photos as i think, "what should i say?". I'm not much of a writer. I can write, but i'm not as articulate and fluid with words as others. I'd rather sketch out my experience actually.. (hmm. light bulb) I am also not so reflective- I'm more of a living in the moment kind of person. But practicing these kinds of things- writing, blogging, reflecting, is a good thing for me. To recount experiences, to collect emotions thoughts, to encounter what was incredible once again. i remember hearing this quote from some tv show.. "the faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory". writing about these things makes the experience ours forever. It's like embedding something so permanent.

so here I go..

it was around 7:30 am in the morning when my phone started buzzing. it was Kathy and i remember still being drowsy as i answered her call. Might i add, it was my mom's birthday. so i was sort of juggling her birthday present which was a huge painting and my laptop in the same room. paint on my fingers and Intramuros in my mind is not an easy task. but hey. two adventures in one day is pretty cool.

they were on the road already, that was my cue to hop onto my laptop and track them down. Adrienne and i were assigned to be watch towers. As i signed in, Adi had given me the site as to where I can track them down. I was pretty psyched because I honestly thought the PH didn't have such devices that were open to the public. you know, i thought that the GPS was only for the police or the army or pro mountain climbers. lol. and there it was..

buddyway didn't give us so much feedback though. they were in the same location the whole time. while this was going on, however, photo 439 still bugged me. "What are you?"- this kept popping up.

and i started looking at several things. i thought, Iloilo could be possible because of this.

this photo was found in the Iloilo album, but after several comments and posts, it was concluded that it was on the other side of this

so yeah. it kept me looking through several churches. there are several clues to this photo. this was all a side trip to being a watch tower. and then Adi said something about kathy using a new app for us to track her down. since the buddy way wasn't moving.

it was amazing. i was watching their trip from above. I had several more photos of tracking them but i can't seem to find the others :S but anyway, this is evidence that i could see where they were going. Glympse is an incredible tracking device. OK, so it felt stalker-ish, but also very CSI. I had the team's itinerary so i continued to cue where they had been, and where they were going next.

when they were in the Manila Cathedral, it was hard to get the same angle as the one in photo 439 (for in the meantime, that's what we concluded that dome was). and i thought, wait a minute. the dome is in next to a street. so that was a though one. but when i saw this sketch of manila cathedral, i saw the possibility.

but still, there are some differences to the characteristics of the dome in this sketch and in photo 439. i'm still digging into some research for that one. but back to the trip..

while watching their trip online, i had to make use of several maps. trying to combine the information on wikimapia, google maps, and glympse.

and they also found the Bye canal! it was waiting for them in the first stop. pretty cool. it saved time too :)

the experience of it all, juggling all kinds of information, knowing that i was far, and yet hovering over the trip, felt really cool. coming from someone who has never done this before, partaking in a challenge that meant the the participation of the world- it's all still sinking in. it's an experience that i'm very happy to take part of.

what is it like to watch something as it happens but not exactly being there

  • i always was a mystery-case-files player. i like solving mysteries with puzzles, clues, a hidden story. but the difference is, the clues were already laid out in the game, waiting to be opened. in this case, i have to go out and find the clues, which is hard because it means going through churches in the whole of manila, and possibly Iloilo. so being where i was, felt like a mystery being solved right before me.

  • the green arrow felt like my arrow. clicking on the possible places where the answers lie.

  • remember when I said that I am a living in the moment kind of person? this was me living in the moment through images, the the internet, through maps. i always found maps to be so interesting, not because for its purpose, but because of the capabilities it gave a person. direction. knowing where you're going. the irony of it all in this trip is that, the team knew where to go, but they didn't know what was there. and that made it all so exciting

  • i'm still pretty speechless. we're not done yet. but yeah, i'm still speechless

  • placing myself in the position of the passengers, like Wilde and Campbell, goosebumps rose in my skin for a second. i always wanted to try and see what it's like to be born in a different era. live on the brick roads, manners, different way of speaking, top hats? i would've loved it all.
  • this experience is giving me that opportunity to do that. who knew it would have come from a challenge. and from someone who isn't from the Philippines. so, thank you :)
  • also, helping out putting the pieces together to make a bigger picture is pretty awesome. bucket list update- help solve a world-wide mystery- check :)

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Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 30, 2010 at 6:53am
Will do Gary. :)
Comment by GaryMcLeod on November 30, 2010 at 6:41am
Let me know when you guys are off on your adventure. I'll try to get signed up to glympse in the meantime.
Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 30, 2010 at 6:25am
@Gary, sure! :) I'll add you in my contacts on Glympse. :)
Comment by GaryMcLeod on November 30, 2010 at 4:27am
@Kassandra, It reads very well :) and speaks of excitement and enthusiasm. It made me excited for you!

@Kathy, would you mind if I followed you on your next adventure? Kassandra and Adi have made me very curious :)
Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 29, 2010 at 12:48pm
You should be with us the next time we go back which is going to be SOON. :)

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