All journeys become interesting when you're able to share it with others who as Gary would say "have the same enthusiasm for it".

I am quite happy to say that since November 19 when I joined the SNS Challenger, 3 friends from Manila, a friend from London and a cousin from Cebu has been enthused by this endeavor and partake in the adventure with me.

Chronicling their responses encourage me and make the adventure more meaningful. It sheds light on the purpose and it heightens the interaction because you find yourself interested in pursuing the same thing. The screenshots below just show some of the responses I have got these past few days that have really encouraged me to keep up the energy.

my screen while collaborating with Adi and her inputs on figuring out "bye canal"

(here Adi copies the photo and tries to adjust the contrast so that the caption of the photo can be seen a little bit more clearly)

response from my cousin duane through Facebook

(he talks about a blog that has did a similar thing)

getting more clues on "bye canal" from a former officemate

Now looking at all these clues I have a much clearer view of the "terrain" we have to explore especially in locating the canal. Gary has given significant findings of the possible location of the canal should it be near the Binondo Church.

Looking at Google Maps again there is another possibility as I found 3 esteros near the Intramuros area which is where the Manila Cathedral is located.

My mind is slowly wrapping itself around this project and starts to grasp the next steps, the amount of time and the route that we need to take to explore the areas. I am looking forward to also chronicle the experience and other photos that I will find interesting as I continue digesting the voyage of SNS Challenger and answers it wishes to find.

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