On the 22nd April 2009, I left Japan after 4 years to travel from Mexico to Patagonia, a journey that would take 378 days, ending on the 5th May 2010.  On this date, I returned to my home in Wales and a month later returned to Japan.  It was a trip I had been contemplating for a long time.  I left the U.K. in Nov 2002, travelling through S.E. Asia and India, plus working and travelling around Australia and New Zealand.  I ended up in Japan in May 2005.  Latin America was always next.  I travelled mostly overland, usually by local transportation, bus, train, boat, (owned a car in Oz and NZ) but where it was unavoidable, by plane.


After meeting Gary in Tokyo, I saw an idea turn into reality...the SNS Challenger set sail.  After explaining to me about his voyage over many (jumbo size) cuba libres at our local British-themed Japanese bar, The HUB, I was hoping my own trip would take me through some of the places members of the HMS Challenger photographed all those years ago.   I wanted to see for myself how much, if at all, these places had changed.  And if they had changed, I wanted to learn why.  Some places were easy to find while others were a bit of a challenge but locals were happy enough to help and point me in the right direction.  In addition, it was a good chance to practice my Spanish! 


In 2010, I uploaded some photos and made comments.  Over the few days, I plan to complete what I started.  Please see the Valparaiso album, the Messier Channel album and Magellan album, all of which are in Chile.


I hope you enjoy!


Best Regards,


Neill velardo

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