keeping up with the group via wondering if this will work; if it does, it'll be amazing.

currently waiting on an icon to appear on the lands of the Philippines, because that will be Kathy! no one else has made a public trip fromthe manila area, so no icons can be seen. makes the job of finding her username easy, too.

i should be able to see the trip progress, if not live then maybe refreshed every 10 minutes or so.

edit 23:34 london, 07:34 manila

we have sns challenger in manila!

not so sure how this works from here onwards... as it says in the 2nd screencap, they were last tracked 28 minutes ago. i have just asked kathy via GTalk (Google) if there's a way to update their location. at this point i can probably say it's not a live track... i hope it can be updated more often though.

edit 00:08 london, 08:08 manila

buddyway not being the greatest. apparently they are still at their meeting point (McDonald's Alabang):

edit 00:23 london, 08:23 manila

moved to Glympse, which is amazing!!! here's a short animation of the screen caps. by this time they had made it to manila already. not much traffic so early in the morning. you can see the ports (Manila Bay i think?) on the left.


00:59am london, 08:59am manila

they've moved to Binondo Church area.

they're at the canals now taking photos. Binondo church is along Ongpin Street, the lot marked gray between Condesa and Ongpin.

Kathy, via chat:

In binondo

Man it's amazing

Found the canal

The houses to the left in photo 441


. . .

ok gonna take photos

. . .

This is amazing

I can't even describe it

01:25 london, 09:25 manila

it can be seen how they've gone around the canal quite a bit.

Binondo Church now. looking closely you can see the domes that were much talked about here the past few days. i've changed the view to satellite, but can't get it back to map for some reason! anyway, the tracked movements aren't the most precise, but at least we can see their general movement across places. :)

01:52 london, 09:52 manila

they'd been to Manila Cathedral (as marked on the map. this was a different Manila Cathedral from what they initially thought. while i was putting together the map last night, we discovered that the map was giving us a different church. anyway, they decided to check it out since it was just across the bridge and not too far from Binondo Church). going back to Manila Cathedral-Basilica in Intramuros. it can be seen how the Intramuros city is quite condensed; this is because it used to be a walled city. they are probably going back to inspect more closely, now that they've seen the other one that we didn't use to know about.

02:03 london, 10:03 manila

looking for the right angle, for the photograph.


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Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 28, 2010 at 10:08pm
@Gary, yes it definitely IS THAT. Experiencing through the 19th century photos and the diaries of the voyagers and remembering them from their perspective. It is quite a crux though because we are of this country and it is ironic that we experience the place through the eyes of the foreigners. It says a lot about how people from a country can be oblivious to their own home land. I'm not proud of it but it is something I am trying to work on. :)
Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 28, 2010 at 6:23pm
hi Gary, This is an interesting question. I'll be going back to this when I get back from mass and family dinner. :)
Comment by GaryMcLeod on November 28, 2010 at 3:03pm
@Adi, you make a very interesting point; your experience wasn't secondary because it was happening at the same time. As people add pictures to the "ship", I feel a similar way. However, my experience of what takes place doesn't take place in sync with when the pictures were taken. I experience a delayed but formatted/processed version. So far in this project, you are the first person to have an experience somewhere between me and the local participants.

@kathy @Adi: People often visit/experience something and then experience it again when remembering through photos. Would you say that this experience is the reverse of that? Experiencing through photos and remembering them through visiting them?
Comment by Adrienne Santos on November 28, 2010 at 8:56am
i am very much looking forward to your blog about this trip, and i'm sure i'll be surprised to see how i was "part" of it on your side of the world. it was pretty sensational seeing you all move on the map. reading your messages like "the houses... are still here!!!" and seeing the little marker on the map move around. it's probably nothing new to super-sleuth movies but this i'm sure had some kind of greater transcendent quality with a tinge of sentimentality...

glympse was definitely effective. i don't even believe how such an efficient service can be free. connecting with the rest of the group (well, represented by kathy) via the live tracking and live messaging brought to me a mixture of excitement, novelty, and nostalgia. and a kind of heightened sense of responsibility - as evinced in this blog. seeing so much information so easily available to me drove me even more to document and share it.

i was thinking about it earlier today, and another thing i find special about the experience last night (well, early early this morning) is that i know that if we go back to those places, in the future, all together, i will have been part of that memory. albeit in a different 'form', i will have been thought of as just as present as the others.

kathy mentioned to me once, a long time ago, that i experience life in retrospect. i used to be always buried in a book. at social events, i am usually always behind the camera, documenting my life. i document more than i live, in a way. when i look at photographs after an event, i live it, not relive it. and for the first time, that wasn't the case here. the documenting in this case Was the real experience; it wasn't something secondary.
Comment by GaryMcLeod on November 27, 2010 at 8:25pm
This is brilliant to see. Adil, do you recommend others to use Glymspe? How did you feel being "tele-present"?
Comment by Kathy Ponce on November 27, 2010 at 7:19pm
Adi, thank you for doing this. This is exactly what I imagined you guys at watch tower would be doing. It's so exciting reading this chronicle and seeing our route on the map. I wonder how it must have felt for you guys to see us moving along the grid.

The last map you posted of Manila Cathedral with the triangle is the place where the old Tower was supposed to be located. We stayed there for quite a bit contemplating on its absence. Anyway, I'm going to look at the photos tonight and hopefully gather my thoughts to write about what had happened. :)
Comment by Adrienne Santos on November 27, 2010 at 10:13am
updated!! they are now photographing the canal!
Comment by Adrienne Santos on November 27, 2010 at 9:48am
exactly, funny i just read your comment gary, because i'm uploading a short one now! pretty exciting... just hit the first gif generator on the search results.
Comment by GaryMcLeod on November 27, 2010 at 8:15am
If you take a screen capture when you refresh, you could make an animation with each of the frames :)

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