Looking at the whole picture before diving into the detail

So, I've spent hours, days and months pondering over picture 799 in the Unofficial Cape of Good Hope series (http://sns-challenger.ning.com/photo/albums/cape-of-good-hope-unoff...). 


The strong, visible columns make the building so easy to find, you'd think. But now comes a complexity of my own making.  Early on in the process of looking for these places I printed out each picture and stuck them in a folder so that I had a visible reference when I got to the presumed spots.   And in that process I had totally missed that pictures 797, 798 and 799 are a panorama.  It even says so in the notes. Duh.



Back in early December I went to the Castle and positioned the far left picture of the panorama ... ergo, I've been to the spot, got the (majority of the) picture and missed it! The picture below is not quite correct - this one was taken off the Buuren bastion, and  I believe that the correct bastion will be Leerdam. This time I will return with a tripdod, knowing that a panorama will be required.


Picture 787 has St Mary's Cathederal visible; and picture 798 has the Lutheran Church visible, so we can position the panorama exactly if we use Google Earth. As you see from the modern buildings, you can't get a visual on the old buildings that do remain.  But no-one I've met has any idea about the building with the pillars.  Using a positioning of the panorama, it would have been where today's Warf Street and Jetty Street are ... but there is nothing even remotely similar there today. I suspect I may get more informed assistance now that I can now locate the building more accurately, and we're not guessing that's it's the Houses of Parliament!


To give an idea of the extent to which my subconcious had already seen this, as I was driving away from the Castle after that December shoot, I saw this from the outside of the building and quickly snapped a picture as I was waiting for the traffic light. It's the little pillar with a pointy top that you can see on the right of the panorama. When I went through the pictures afterwards I puzzled over this one, wondering why I'd taken it!





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