Gary, I find these sorts of projects both exciting and frustrating. On the one hand my mind, because I have been involved in Bermuda's history for a number of years, think it remembers certain photographs or views but the mind-rolerdex of time sometimes lets me down. Most people in Bermuda, once you let them know the reason for your intrusion on their property become very interested themselves and offer all kinds of help and advice. I have been a professional photographer as part of my working life but a photographer none the less since my early teens. My interest in Bermuda's history is born from the knowledge that my family roots go back to the early 1600'd. Dockyard is like a second home in that my grand-father, on my mother side, was an órdnance foreman' in the Keep Yard (was in charge of the munitions), my father spent time during the 2nd WW years stationed at Commissioners House and at Admiralty House as a Signal Dispatch Rider and as a teen I worked in one of the buildings to the north of the slip-way marina manufacturing drink machines to be shipped to the UK. I collect original photographs and books of Bermuda and enjoy sharing knowledge of my home.

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Comment by GaryMcLeod on April 15, 2010 at 11:31am
Thank you Charles for this. I quite understand the mind-rolerdex of time as I am starting to find that happening to me too. It is very interesting to hear about your involvement with Bermuda's history and I'm glad that are willing to share knowledge of it. One of my many motivations with this project is an active engagement with history and what that results in. I therefore hope that others engage in the project to by revisiting sites.

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