last weekend, i went on a two-day field trip to Bataan and Pampanga- two different provinces in central Luzon, Philippines. it was for Philippine Art and Design History. lucky, our first stop was Betis Church.

This church was half submerged in lahar, or Volcanic ash in 1991 due to the Mount Pinatubo eruption. As you can see, the entrance is through the window. about two-thirds of the whole structure was submerged and yet it was still kept in tact. the altar inside survived and was reserved.


The dome on the left is yet another image my team has been dumbfounded by. Almost all domes in the Philippines have this same exact structure.


Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful church. Inside there is a museum- a collection of photos before the Volcanic Eruption and a few paintings. Some of the artifacts are still intact inside.


It was during this trip that I met one of the History Professors in my school. I told her about this challenge and our quest to finally pinpoint this dome




She caught interest and told me she would help me figure it out. And so I posted the photo above and this was her reply:



This was the Photo response by the professor. At a first glance, she too thought it was the Binondo church (as seen written on the lower part of the photo)

and this is what she said:


Katrise I asked around for an expert on the subject of old churches, lo and behold, I got a name and he's a former history teacher of mine in UP. Standby lang for the email address so you could contact him directly. Apparently he now teaches at UST.

RELIEF! professional help! it was great. To have this kind of help is going to contribute so much to our research.


school has been taking its toll since it's finals week. I haven't had much time to dig into the research for this challenge because I've been extra busy with plates, projects and exams. Christmas is coming up and I haven't even thought of that yet.

But the journey isn't over. I've been on a slow pace- but I would still like to sail this ship :)


more updates to come from my teacher's teacher. :)

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