Been out and about in the Port Stanley area over the last weekend trying to locate any of the places where the six pictures were taken.There are Balsam Bogs in abundance but not quite what was in the original.

Searched the Main Cemetary to see if the Grave had been relocated there, but again no luck.

Found Sparrow Cove and it will be a combination of Vehicle and "Shank's" to get there as it is a way from Port Stanley Harbour to the North on the far side of Port William.

So it looks like I will try and do the shot across the Harbour to Port Stanley as there is reasonable(by down here standards)access by vehicle to Navy Point where the original appears to have been taken.

The Government Jetty picture will be nigh on impossible to recreate as the Jetty no longer exists and I don't think the local Yacht Club would be up for laying one of their yachts over on it's side.What I will try is to get a shot at the same angle to the town from the far side of The Harbour with a long lens zoomed to get a cut off around where the end of the Jetty would have been.

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Comment by Ian Sharp on April 10, 2011 at 12:18am
Thanks for that,will have to have a ride out to Port Louis and it's environs and see if I can locate the grave.
Comment by GaryMcLeod on April 7, 2011 at 8:11pm

Hi Ian,


Thanks for this post! Its great to see how you are getting on.


About the grave, I posted a comment about it, which I hope might help in terms of where it is. I had hoped that it wouldn't have been relocated but you never know.


Look forward to seeing some of the pics :)

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