After carefully working with Google Maps and Streetview (I love that technology!) I narrowed down the options for a re-photography on Saturday afternoon.


The first shot to tackle was 45625,  Adderley Street, the main street of Cape Town's city centre.



The confirmed building is the black-spired church in the middle of the picture - the clock-tower of the Groote Kerk which is still there.  In addition, I know that the small pagoda in the foreground was called Exchange Place, and was on the site of the Standard Bank building in Adderley Street. (There used to be a plaque outside the bank explaining the history. Some corporate branding type has removed it from the front of the building. And so, little by little, the history gets forgotten.)


The intersection of that this picture was taken at could thus be either with Strand Street, or the next parallel street up - Castle Street.


You can't take an effective picture from the intersection with Adderley and Strand Streets today because of the building of the Concourse.  This is what you see from Castle Street:



All you have to go by is a tiny part of the mountain.  You need Google Earth for the next point of verification.


Walking up Adderley Street to the Groote Kerk, you can see the Clock Town as it exists today. This beautiful piece of architecture that dominated the skyline is now a side note down an alley. This is the view from Adderley Street. The building that is obscuring it from view was built with a curve to accommodate the Clock Tower.


Using Google Earth to align the spot where the Castle Street picture was taken with the spire of the Groote Kerk's tower will give you a line to the spot where the Cableway is on the top of Table Mountain today.


My view and thoughts on the issue: it's now all rather underwhelming. 








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Comment by Eleanor Muller on March 28, 2011 at 5:44am

Hi Gary


Here are the two ways I used Google Earth. One to check whether a straight line - that is visible on the picture is possible on the map. In this instance I used cnr Castle Street to the Cable Station. 


The other is that a close-up on Google Earth shows how the building that is now the Adderley Hotel was built around the Church. 


Comment by GaryMcLeod on March 28, 2011 at 3:54am

Great post! I felt a bid sad at first that it is no longer visible, but I like how it is hiding between the buildings. Don't you think it adds charm?


Btw, do you have screen shots of the view in GE?



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