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Dis-location in Sydney

A number of the 1874 photographs of Sydney show the harbour and its bays and headlands. Although many of the headlands around the harbour are now distinguished by man-made features, especially built structures, that was much less the case in 1874. As a result, identifying the exact location from which some photographs were taken can be difficult. An example of this is shown below.…


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HMS Challenger and Commodore Rowley Lambert RN

Those of you who are interested in a little of the history of Challenger, before and after the oceanographic expedition, and of Commodore Lambert who commanded the ship for three years on the Royal Navy's Australia Station, might care to read the following:


HMS Challenger

HMS Challenger was launched at Woolwich on 13 February 1858. She was a 3-masted, 21-gun corvette with a 200ft-long wooden hull and a displacement of 2137…


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Re-photographing Sydney

This is my first blog so maybe I should say why I joined the crew. I’d recently finished writing a book which included a short biography of Commodore Rowley Lambert, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy’s Australia Station from 1867 to 1870. Lambert’s flagship during those years in Sydney was HMS Challenger, the same ship that, under the command of Captain G.S. Nares and Captain F.T. Thomson, afterwards made the 3½ year survey voyage and again spent some weeks in Sydney. Gary’s idea…


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Original Challenger Photos

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