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Getting back into it

The stress of managing the ship had previously been taking its toll on my own photographs but not any more. In the last few weeks, I have rediscovered what it is like to make pictures as an artist/photographer and I thought I would add a few examples here in the hope it might inspire someone or brighten someone's day.


The images are an evolution of my early Challenger work and continue to employ the same type of lens as used by the Challenger photographers. However, these…


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Thinking about photo trials

I am currently contemplating some project briefs. These are intended to give participants some structure if they choose to be creatively inspired by the experience of re-phtographing the locations. In writing these project briefs, I am forced to reflect upon my own experiences of being inspired by HMS Challenger. I had already started to use my Hybrid camera by the time I had re-photograph the locations, so I was therefore already involved with looking through an old eye with a modern brain.…


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"Photographer's Block"

Over recent weeks, I have increasingly felt that the "Sailing Log" only touches upon my personal feelings and thoughts towards the project and my role within it. When I first started out, I was very open about my thinking processes, but over time, this has been replaced with ship activity and…


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Re-visiting the retaken photographs of Kobe...

The original image taken in 1865

3 years ago, I visited various locations in Japan between the months of April and June to re-photograph the Challenger’s photographs. Since that time, despite living in Tokyo, I have not been back to any of them. May 8th 2010 saw me return to Kobe and specifically to the waterfalls at Nunobiki. The largest of the two… Continue

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Original Challenger Photos

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