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Falklands pictures

Been out and about in the Port Stanley area over the last weekend trying to locate any of the places where the six pictures were taken.There are Balsam Bogs in abundance but not quite what was in the original.

Searched the Main Cemetary to see if the Grave had been relocated there, but again no luck.

Found Sparrow Cove and it will be a combination of Vehicle and "Shank's" to get there as it is a way from Port Stanley Harbour to the North on the far side of Port…


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Looking at the whole picture before diving into the detail

So, I've spent hours, days and months pondering over picture 799 in the Unofficial Cape of Good Hope series ( 


The strong, visible columns make the building so easy to find, you'd think. But now comes a complexity of my own making.  Early on in the process of looking for these places I printed out each…


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Adderley Street: Then and now.

After carefully working with Google Maps and Streetview (I love that technology!) I narrowed down the options for a re-photography on Saturday afternoon.


The first shot to tackle was 45625,  Adderley Street, the main street of Cape Town's city centre.



The confirmed building is the black-spired church in the middle of the picture - the clock-tower of the Groote Kerk which is still there.  In addition, I know that the small pagoda in…


Added by Eleanor Muller on March 28, 2011 at 1:30am — 2 Comments

Original Challenger Photos

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