Photo: 289
Nest of Wandering Albatross, Marion Island

Ship No: 201 a

NH, OU 207, MAN 50a, NMM 859/294, CAM 1/129, SUHM album 2728 p30a title "Breeding Albatross". Horsburgh lists this as 201C, there is no "b" or "c" in the MSS list, evidently "a" has been mistaken for "c"
(Brunton, 2004)

© Natural History Museum, London 2011

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Comment by GaryMcLeod on May 26, 2011 at 9:21pm

This pictures was taken by John Cooper and sent to me via email:


Along with the photo were  John's comments:

"I was unfortunately unsuccessful in finding the exact spot in the only half day available for a search on our 10-day round-island hike but the attached taken on Gony Plain on 17 May must have been close by (within just a few hundred metres at the very most).  The lack of good background detail on the original pics made it very hard to get an exact match.
I started from the assumed landing site at Sea Elephant Bay at the western base of Long Ridge and walked inland and west, quartering the ground, and rather assuming the presumably heavy Challenger camera and tripod would not have been carried too far past the first breeding Wandering Albatrosses.
If I get south again next April as currently planned I will give it another go, also trying another possible (but I think less likely) landing site (King Penguin Bay) as a point of departure for the search."
sent by email on 23rd May 2011


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