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Clicking the "sign up" button will take you to two small forms. First, enter your email address, password (this should be something only you know), your date of birth (this will be kept private) and a security capture (this is to make sure you are human). Then click the sign up button to continue.


Next, fill out the information form. This form is for us to get to know a little more about you, your interests and how much you can help the project. When done, click the sign up button to continue.


You will see a screen saying that your membership is awaiting approval. Click "continue" to go back to the main page. We aim to approve members within 24 hours of signing up. Check your Junk Mail just in case the approval email finds its way there.


Once your membership is approved, a guide will appear after logging in. This gives you the option to invite your friends and starting adding content to the site. 


Searching for Photos

So now, you are ready to start searching for locations! There are three ways to start searching for photos. 1.) click the "locations" button. 2.) brows some of the photo albums in the right column. 3.) click on locations pinpointed on the map (n.b. this will open a new browser window).


After clicking the "locations" icon, you can also search for a particular location...
or (1.) browse the pages of photo albums until you find the location you are looking for. Clicking an album (2.) will show a range of photos from that location.

Clicking a particular image from the album will allow you to see more information about it.


The information shown below the image is historical information about the photo collected from various museums in the UK. It may or may not be accurate, but it can provide very helpful clues! You can like the image, or you can share it on Facebook or Twitter. This is very handy if you need help from friends!


Look everywhere for information. Some photos are easier to identify than others! So, check web sources, check libraries, old archives, museums etc. Speak to long-term residents. Speak to tourist offices, speak to locals. Speak to anyone who you think can help. Post comments about the photo, as well as any helpful images into the comments box below the image (n.b. you have to be signed in to do this).


Feel free to comment on the images and contributions of other members, even if in a different location in the world!


Share your Story

Once you have found and taken some rephotos, we would like to know more about your experience. We want to know how you felt; was it easy or difficult; did anything strange happen; what changes did you notice; anything that makes the experience your story. To tell your story, click the "blog" icon at the top of any page.


To start writing about your experience, click the "add" button.


You can add text, images, videos; anything that helps you to share your story.


If you need a little inspiration, take some time to read stories by other members.


Good luck with your searches. Message me if you need any help with anything.



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